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Promotional Videos

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Denver Broncos Loren Landow talks about how the Run Rocket helps the Broncos train with correct body position and consistency under resistance. Additionally, he breaks down how he uses the variations of resistance to train multiple aspects of his athlete’s form.
Coach Lance Walker and his team at Michael Johnson Performance talk about how they leverage the Run Rocket to train athletes at all levels.
See how CrossFit Games athlete Elijah EZ Muhammad incorporates the RunRocket into daily workouts from beginners all the way to advanced athletes at CrossFit Unorthodox.
Run Rocket Hype Video

Training Drills

Top coaches at Michael Johnson Performance demonstrate how they train their athletes using the Run Rocket.

Reverse Shuffle to Sprint

Reverse Shuffle to Sprint

Resisted Bounding

Reverse / Crossover to Spring

Lateral Knee Drive

Lateral Knee Drive

Moderate Resistance Forward Knee Drive

Side Shuffle / Crossover to Spring

Photo Gallery

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