Over half the NFL, including the Superbowl Champs, use Run Rocket.

These elite teams can have any resistance machines they want in the world.

So why do they choose Run Rocket?

First and foremost, the resistance profile is perfect. For up to 36 yards the flywheel provides the exact type of resistance naturally felt while free running. Slightly higher in the beginning, tapering down to a flat resistance. 

This allows the sprinters last steps in the acceleration phase to be their longest. The opposite happens when using rubber bands. 

Run Rockets are highly portable, a time saver during training because athletes can easily change the resistance in seconds themselves, allowing the coach to focus on form and not have to mess around with equipment.

Digital Display



20 Levels of resistance from very light to mountain climber heavy.

Portable Design

Solid non-marking tires with a fold in-half design.

Low maintenance Design

Replace the 2 AA batteries once every 6 months. Clean the front rollers once a month. Doing this will give you years of trouble free training.

automatic retraction

When the exercise is complete, the unit SAFELY retracts the strap – no dangerous pullback.​

any surface

Rubber, non-marring feet mean the Run Rocket can be used safely on any surface.
This also keeps it from moving on high resistance pulls.



Change of Direction

Who Uses Run Rocket?

From the NFL to Major League Soccer, Run Rocket is used by professional athletes everywhere.
Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Bobsledding, and the top CrossFit competitors.

If you don’t have one of these in your training program, you need to get one.


Srength and Conditioning Coach, East Carolina University

The Run Rocket is the most innovative piece of acceleration equipment that’s come on the market in the last ten years.


Head Trainer MJ Performance


Most frequent questions and answers

2 years comprehensive. We stand behind the Run Rocket.

Run Rocket offers financing through PEAC Solutions.

Please apply here: Peac Financing Solutions

You usually have an answer for you the same day you apply. Once approved, we work out all your payment options in advance and let you decide which term will cash flow best for your business.

There’s no cost to apply and there’s no obligation to use your approval

The strap is 36 yards

The only maintenance required is an occasional cleaning of the front 2 rollers (frequency is dependent on use). 2 AA batteries should last about 6 months under normal use.

Run Rockets are in stock and will ship within 1-3 business days of initial order. These machines are shipped freight and could take up to an additional 7 business days to arrive at the desired address.

Flat rate shipping is $290.00 for 1 Run Rocket, plus $50 for each additional Run Rocket, within the lower 48 states.

For shipping outside of lower 48 United States, please send an email to Team@RunRocket.com to order!

Click here to view the Shipping & Return Policy.

For shipments within America, you can order through the website.

To have Run Rocket ships worldwide, please contact team@runrocket.com for a quote for international destinations.

Run Rocket is the most effective sprint resistance training equipment available. It allows athletes to maintain their natural running form, with smooth, consistent resistance.

This sprint training boosts speed better than weighted vests, agility ladders, bungee bands, or sleds.

Run Rocket is trusted by NFL football players, college teams, basketball, CrossFit Games competitors, and more.

Run rockets are built and shipped in batches. We are currently in stock. Your Run Rocket should arrive within 7 business days. 

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